Natural “Unassisted” Birth…Dedication

This blog is dedicated to resources I’ve collected and/or created to prepare for at home delivery,  my pregnancy and birthing was “unassisted”. I say “unassisted” as in there was no medical intervention, but my husband took an equally active role in bringing our son into this world.

This blog is specifically dedicate to the women who are considering or have All Ready decided they want to birth their babies on their own. This is in no way to convince a woman to birth unassisted, that is a choice made because deep down inside women carry that primal knowing. As a mother and an independent thinking spirit that decision is completely up to you…ALWAYS. Also to those heros that walk side by side with empowered women.

To go forward with natural birth, in your core you have to know what is best for your baby and family. In your core you have complete faith in yourself, that cannot be hindered by fear or the fear of others. In your core you have complete trust in your body, an intelligent machine, that can bring life into this world. The same trust that you have in it to breathe, circulate blood, heal, cleanse, and live completely on its own without micro managing the process.

It is my wish that I can share the wisdom and knowledge of my experience to help guide you through the most amazing and empowering path for you and your family.

From one mom to another.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin
To Every Women.

To those who are bringing new life into this world,

with a loving child

or with a loving voice

or with a loving action

or with a loving thought

is a Womb-man that carries the medicine to cleanse unbalanced world.

I honor you,

I thank you,

and I love every single one of you.

In honor of my beloved without whom I would not have never been given this opportunity to experience a love that cannot be put into words nor described. You believed in me when no one else did. You’ve given me a life and family that I cherish, a happiness I wish to share so that all others too can experience.



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