Home Birth – Benefits


The spiritual community states that the earliest traumas we experience are while in the womb. As a fetus we’re directly connected to our mother, psychically and energetically. The womb is the first experience of being in physical form, the next experience would be the birth. Is your Birth Experience still affecting you Today? Everything our mother experiences from the point of conception onwards is unconsciously recorded, setting pace of our emotional wellbeing as developing adults. As adults we may go through what is called”direct recapitulation“, creating situations that allow a person to continue to deal with unresolved feelings, situations, energy, etc”.

Between mother and child there is a unspoken communication, for most its an unconscious communication, facilitated by natural bodily hormones. This “telepathic” connection transforms and becomes more apparent during the child’s early years just before speech. The father (or guardian) will also be able to develop this type of “telepathic” connection after birth. Strengthening the “father(guardian)/child bond”, a bond just as important but uniquely different between mother and child.

So maybe you’re not looking to have natural birth for spiritual reasons but know that you need and want a sacred and safe environment committed to bring your newborn to this world.

During delivery, the primitive part of the brain that we share with all other mammals is active. This part of the brain secretes hormones and uses innate instinct to carry out a successful birth. The main hormone being Oxytocin, this same hormone is produced during lovemaking, one of many that is released during contractions in labor and later for the “let down” of milk in breastfeeding. To be in a stressed state and/or under the influence of synthetic drugs/anesthesia demises, if not completely disrupts, the flow of this complicate cocktail of hormones produced during child birth.


It is essential to create a sacred and comfortable space for birthing. It is also just as important to practice that everyday throughout pregnancy. Have you heard of the concept of playing classical music while pregnant can increase your child’s IQ in the future? I’m not sure about that but this article does state “…fetuses breathe in time to music they enjoy. California obstetrician Rene Van de Carr says he’s observed a 33-week-old fetus pattern his breathing to the beat of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony”.  While pregnant,  I became more aware of my surroundings by focusing myself with more uplifting stimulus. “Thinking, feeling and sending love to your baby will establish the natural exchange needed for bonding.

Unborn babies can feel their mother’s emotions, happy or sad. Practicing unconditional love for yourself  will create an environment that is loving and positively conducive for everyone around you, including your little one. My husband says,”Peace cannot be created outside, if it is not created within first.”


Our son, my first, was born at home. In our sacred space, where we created him. At the time of delivery it was just my husband and I, rightly so, as that is how he was created.


For most people this is extreme, scary, or even believed to be dangerous. I’m empathic to those with these beliefs because they’ll be robbed of one of the most empowering and relationship strengthening experiences for mom, dad AND baby. Even when fear or doubt wanted to set in, fear got pushed to the back burner, the task at hand was much more important. And for doubt, that got overcome with lots support and encouragement from my wonderful partner.


For whatever route you choose for yourself, do with what feels right for the both of you with baby always in mind. Be educated and be fierce. Be your child’s hero and trust YOUR instincts. Create outer peace, protect it from those who wish to interfere with your idea of peace. No exceptions, sometimes this means even family. Even with the best of intentions our family and friends can project their own ideals, beliefs, and fears. With compassion, tell them you only need their love and support, and to have respect to your wishes.


With hospitals you can create a birth plan (I will talk about that in another post!) and print it out for everyone who will be involved with the birth (have some extras on the special day for any nurses or doctors that didn’t get the memo before hand).



Now lets talk about some of the Home birthing benefits!

  1. Decreased trauma related experiences.(Like labor isn’t enough trauma for the body enough!) 
  2. You’re in your own sacred (drama-free) space.(Grey’s anatomy can stay a T.V. show, thank you.)
  3. You’ll get to decide who you want to be there, they can partake as fully as they wish and your guests will sure appreciate the comforts of home.- (Later random nurses I’ve never met before.)
  4. Speaking of comforts of home, you’ll have everything you need with in reach.- (Buh Bye hospital bag.)
  5. Less chance of infections for mom and baby. Your space, your unique culture of bacterias! (Do you know the German word for hospital is? Its Krankenhaus… It literally translates to sick house. Only sick people go there. Not the I have a cold sick but I need a hospital sick. Don’t let those sterile looking walls and furniture fool you!) (Also, if you separate the words Kranken then means suffer and Haus means house, so its actually the Suffer House…Fuunnnn, no thanks!)
  6. More personalize attention on you-(Mcdonaldization is what these obstetricians strive for.)
  7. Decreased likelihood of a cesareans-(For an obstetrician the options are wait around anywhere from 8-12 hours of labor or do a 20 minute C-section. That is an easy choice for them but thats major abdominal surgery for mom AND breathing/ feeding difficulties for baby.)
  8. Provides immediate bonding for mom and dad without interference.
  9. All those wonderful uninhibited hormones, leads to successful breastfeeding.-(Nurse on demand mama)
  10. Increased self-esteem.
  11. Control over labor positions.
  12. Fewer medical interventions.
  13. Freedom to move, eat, drink, bathe, shower, make noise, have silence and whatever else makes you happy.
  14.  Lower cost.
  15. Full control of everything impacting your labor and nothing is done without your full consent.


“Many people feel that women choose homebirth selfishly, putting their own experiences above the safety of their babies. This simply is not true – everyone has the same priority: a healthy mother and a healthy baby. Women who have their babies at home have learned that statistics bear out the safety of homebirth for healthy mothers experiencing normal pregnancies. They also recognize that there are many advantages to homebirth for the baby as well as the mother and the entire family.”





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