Is UltraSound really as safe as they say? 

I’m a firm believer in natural wholistic medicine. Thanks to the guidance of my beloved husband and my own personal research, I am also a firm believer doctors are called quacks for a reason. Through the regurgitation they “learned” in school with no nutritional education, pill pushing and doc-king our vessels is all their good for. The saying goes ” If nature created the problem, then it has it’s equal and opposite, a solution.” Anything that is not created from or out of nature is not beneficial for the earth-created animal our soul lives in. Period. End of story forever.  My partner always tells me if it has an “ic” in its name then it’s a “trick” and it will make you “sick”.

So with that said…

Ultrasonic technology, what is it exactly?

“Ultrasound is an auditory waveform that occurs above the upper limit of human hearing. Its flow of sound pressure occurs in waves of compression and expansion. Materials hit by this sound undergo alteration, meaning they expand and contract like an accordion would. This is one reason ultrasound is potentially dangerous, depending on the level of intensity of the sound wave and the duration of exposure to it.” Prenatal Ultrasound is not as safe as you think by Barbara Minton

“The conventional view on ultrasound scanning during pregnancy is that the intensity and duration of sound waves that are used for scanning are not enough to produce these physiological effects at a level that is harmful to a fetus. I believe that this conventional view is influenced by the number of dollars that are being made by this industry.” Is ultrasound scanning during pregnancy worth the risks? By Dr. Ben Kim

The cause of autism has been pinned on everything from “emotionally remote” mothers (since discredited) to vaccines, genetics, immunological disorders, environmental toxins and maternal infections. Today most researchers theorize that autism is caused by a complex interplay of genetics and environmental triggers. A far simpler possibility worthy of investigation is the pervasive use of prenatal ultrasound, which can cause potentially dangerous thermal effects.

Health practitioners involved in prenatal care have reason to be concerned about the use of ultrasound. Although proponents point out that ultrasound has been used in obstetrics for 50 years and early studies indicated it was safe for both mother and child, enough research has implicated it in neurodevelopmental disorders to warrant serious attention. Questions about Prenatal Ultrasound and the Alarming Increase in Autism by Caroline Rodgers

Very good article below, includes link to YouTube video of interview with Dr. Robert Mendelsohn

The Truth about the dangers of ultrasound in pregnancy by Birth of a New Earth

How about what it does to the Maine life? US Navy Killing Thousands of Whales and Dolphin with Sonar and Weapon Testing by ARJUN WALIA

Does military sonar kill marine wildlife by Scientific America 
In short, ultrasound has the same effect as a microwave. It destroys from the inside out. Avoid ultrasonic technology, it’s neither good for you or your family or your friends.


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