Birthing Positions

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For most women it will come natural to them what position they will choose to be in during labor. When your contractions start tried to relax as much as possible till the labor becomes more active. I found personally laying down was intolerable but so was just standing. I intuitively positioned myself  in a squat, resting myself over pillows, this would later be my birthing position of choice. As tired as my legs got it felt the most comfortable for me. It also allowed my partner access to apply counter pressure to relieve pain and continue to check my progress.

As your contractions get stronger, this is the time you will want to move around and find the position that is most comfortable. Also, its important to able to walk around from time to time, this will allow for gravity to help move the baby along.  This is also the time for you or your birthing partner to continually check on your cervix for dilation.

How to Check Cervix for Dilation.

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“The standard hospital labor position—semi- or fully reclining—is not ideal. When you’re lying on your back, your uterus compresses major blood vessels, potentially depriving the baby of oxygen and making you dizzy or queasy. In addition, when you’re reclining, the baby’s head puts pressure on pelvic nerves in your sacrum, increasing pain during contractions. Remaining upright and leaning forward reduces this pressure while allowing your baby’s head to constantly bear down on your cervix. The result? Dilation tends to occur more quickly. ”

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