Tips for parents – Gaining strength back after child birth. 

Tips for first time parents from first time parents. 

Get as much sleep as you can, whenever you can. Once your little one has arrived sleep is a much needed resource, so nap when your baby naps!

If your a breast-feeding mom, the first 2 months can feel very draining at ever feeding. So plan to take a cat naps or have a little energizing snack and Organic not from concentrate coconut water for after.

Chores and laundry can wait (for a few weeks). No one will shame you. Just allow this time to give yourself 100% to your baby and your own needs.

Pre make (easy) meals. The less cooking you have to do for the next month after birth the better. Before your little one arrives consider making extra food and freezing each time you cook. Also don’t over look a good soup, for breastfeeding moms it might be the only thing your willing to eat the first few weeks. For some the nausea that is accompanied with breastfeeding will leave you without an appetite for a few days.

Vegan make ahead meals.

 Burp your little one after EACH feeding. Burping baby remove gas that causes colic, it will insured a well rested baby AND parents in the future lol. Newborns have under develop abdominals so they need a little help with passing gas. Trapped gas is extremely painful, bottles, formula and moms diet can/will affect your baby gas “levels”.

 Your breast milk is created with what is in your blood. What you eat baby eats, eat as clean and simple as possible for the next few months.

Consider consuming your placenta. There’re many ways to consume it, I recommend eating it raw in a smoothie form, using dark berries to masking any potential unwanted flavor. I have to say I don’t remember much of a flavor other than berries, my husband did a wonderful job. I think the dark berries was more for the visual part. Just blend very well.

 Eating your placenta will reintroduce all the nutrients and feel good hormones that you will lose at birth.

Why would I eat that?

After birthing, the placenta and cord was lightly rinsed with distilled water, cut into 1 to 2 inch pieces and froze. Each piece will act as a single serving. After the birth of the placenta have your first smoothie immediately it will help with the bleeding and kick start lactation. Do your very best to eat the whole thing within 3 days, have a smoothie 2-3 times a day.

Animals in the wild dont refrigerate their placenta, they consume it in one sitting. Whatever you do not consume bury with respect. The placenta is the second heart of you and your child. The heart you both shared that created the lifelong bond you now have the privilege to have.

Now for the reason I wrote this article!

After those unexpected energy bursts you get the first few days after child birth, finally came the crash. I resorted to the beautiful spirit of Cacao to get me through my days.

Cacao, or chocolate in its untainted form, gave me the energy, nutrients, and minerals I needed that I wasn’t getting any where else. Cacao has theobromine, which is similar to caffeine but synthesized in the body differently that allows you to receive vital minerals unlike coffee that leeches from the body

I was taking Cacao, up to 2oz at a time, throughout my entire pregnancy so it’s completely safe for baby. It definitely lifted my spirits during my experience of baby blues.

This is a wonderful article on Cacao Preparation and recipe for everyone including pregnant and breastfeeding moms! Please read.

Another recipe.

“The babies born to women who had been eating chocolate daily during pregnancy were more active and “positively reactive” – a measure that encompasses traits such as smiling and laughter.

This is a link to where we buy our Cacao.

Here is where we purchase Cacao in the past.

Both offer the minimum amount of 1lb Cacao paste, both good in quality, but very different in price ranges.

Post pregnancy routine.

In the morning after brushing my teeth I would have a glass of lemon water to alkalize and just start my digestion.

Then 20 minutes passed and I followed with my placenta smoothie. (Continued everyday till no more is left.)

An hour or so later I would make my cacao elixir.

Followed by my usual meals, as well as another placenta smoothie before dinner.

My first 10 days consisted of sleeping on towels to absorb my night sweats that burned off all that beautiful baby weight, while the elevated body heat at night kept baby warm.

My diet consisted of soups, my placenta smoothies, hemp protein shakes, avocados and maybe a salad. I wasn’t so interested in solid food till a few weeks later. My nausea was mild and only during breastfeeding. I wasn’t all that hungry to begin with, I guess it’s a natural instinct to give the perineal a break. What goes in has to come out right?

I slept as much as possible, whenever baby nap.

Everyday our new family spent a hour or more in the sun. Feeding from the suns rays are very important and a practice to consider. Vitamin D is a hormone that is produced with the suns help, its a process that takes at least 5 days to assimilate as long as it isn’t washed off by showering. In a future article we will discuss this!

Each of these practices I consider to be valuable resources to obtaining strength during the recover process. In my opinion acclimating and caring for this new tiny beautiful life all while sleep deprived and feeling like you went through a car crash is in every way harder than the birthing process. So take everyday at a time  in ease, honor your partner (they’ll be picking up a lot of slack during your recovery), surround yourself with people that support and uplift you. Do your research and prepare, just do it with a smile. 😌


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