Recommendations on Baby Essentials 

This is my list of simple baby essentials to consider! 

Teething support recommendations 

Baltic Amber necklaces are made with hard tree resin. The active ingredient is release by body heat and has a similar anti-inflammatory effect like aspirin. Not all Amber necklaces are made the same, many range in strength. Many sold online are fakes (plastic made to look like amber) or are polished, lessening its potency. Look for authentic raw Baltic Amber. This article below is one to read if your considering purchasing an amber necklace. Amber necklace can be used for children and adults, making them great gifts. This article suggest a company called Hazelaid, which I highly recommend. This article even gives you a 10 percent discount!

5 mistake when buying Amber necklaces(coupon code in article)

I order this particular one, which 100% works.

Gum-Omile Oil is a topical oil you rub on babies gums. It contains clove oil for natural numbing effects and white willow bark which is nature’s aspirin that has anti inflammatory effects. Alcohol-free!

The obvious, having at hand a few teething toys, I particularly like the ones that are shaped like toothbrushes. 

Stroller recommendations 

When it came time to consider the purchase of a stroller we were very hesitant in such a large purchase and commitment. We had no idea what we needed or even where to start. We were graced with a used stroller from friends until we found what it was we were looking for. Unknowingly we landed what we think was the perfect stroller, the Kolcraft Contours Option 3. It had so many unique features that are hard to come by with a reasonable price. 

Once it came time to upgrade to a newer model we decided with the Baby Trend Manta Snap Gear Jogger. Which had all the same awesome features like the bassinet and dual positions as the Kolcraft does but half the weight and a lot slimmer in size. I highly recommend jogging strollers, they are versatile and can deal with every terrain that I have put them through. 

 Baby travel bassinet 

For those of us saying away from big and bulking bassinets with all the electronic feature these bassinets are perfect. I was very keen on finding something small for our tiny house yet portable with a easy on the wallet price. 

Tiny Love 3 in 1 rocker napper was the first bassinet we received as a gift. We enjoyed this napper, even though it wasn’t foldable it was easy enough to travel with. We used it from 0-10 months, till our son could no longer lay in sleep position. 

Once our little one grew out of his first bassinet we upgraded to a sleeker model by BabyBjorn Balance rocker. I highly recommend this rocker at any age!

Baby Carrier

When I first started looking into baby carrier I selected the Moby baby wrap though for a lot of moms it work for them, I only used it as support for my growing belly once baby arrived all that fabric was too hot and too much. So I opted for a soft structure carrier, after much research I chosed the Lillebaby 6 Position Complete All Seasons Carrier


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