Baby Lead Weaning

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It should be said that breastfeeding as the sole source of nutrition for the first six months of a baby’s life, but around that time, you may notice baby’s will begin to show interest in food by just watching the family at the dinner table. Baby is introduced to the flavors from mother’s diet in her breast milk. This early introduction to food tastes often increases baby’s acceptance of those foods later on. Breastfeeding is also baby’s first lesson in self regulation, which is one benefit of Baby Lead Weaning.

7 Signs Your Baby is Ready for Foods

“Listen, there’s no point in forcing a 6-month-old who is content with the breast to eat off a spoon. You’re just going to drive yourself crazy. One of the biggest signs of readiness is an interest in what Mom is eating.”

Babies may be ready if they watch you eating, reach for your food, and seem eager to be fed.

Just by watching the family your baby can learn how (with some help) to use utensils, cups, napkins and eat on their own. Letting them feed themselves (with super-vision) gives them confidence and the independence to learn other things on their own.

Once your baby can sit up and bring her hands or other objects to her mouth, you can give her finger foods to help her learn to feed herself. To prevent choking, make sure anything you give your baby is soft, easy to swallow, and cut into small pieces.

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First meals should be RAW Fruits and Veggies in the form of monomeals.

A monomeal is a meal comprised of one food, usually raw fruits or vegetables. Simple as that! For example, a bowl of fresh pineapple chunks or eight oranges or a smoothie of just bananas (and water) or half a watermelon.

You should follow the laws of food combining when baby is ready for more elaborate meals as they get more advance in eating.

Food Combining       Story at-a-glance

  • Improper food combining is one of the primary factors that cause gas, flatulence, heartburn, and upset stomach. What’s worse, the resulting poor digestion can also contribute to malnutrition, even if you think you’re eating a decent diet
  • Disease is just as much a matter of eliminating toxins as it is about eating proper foods. Elimination, however, is dependent on a healthy digestive system
  • Food combination takes into account the area and complexity of digestion of each food, to ensure it goes through your entire digestive system with ease
  • One of the most important factors when it comes to healthful eating is to make sure you’re eating foods, native to your local area, that are in season
  • The two foremost rules of food combining are: 1) No proteins and starches at the same meal, and 2) No fruits and vegetables at the same meal

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Purees and soft sliced fruits are good starting foods, slowly integrating veggies and sweet potatoes later on.

  • Continue to nurse just as often as baby wants. Solids are to compliment milk, and baby is trusted to know when to increase solid feedings and decrease milk (usually later in the first year).

Use baby safe products like silicon utensils and baby safe dishes.

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Once baby starts to have fully developed molars you can increase different textures and incorporate more foods that involve chewing.

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“When your baby starts eating solid foods, his stools will become more solid and variable in color. Because of the added sugars and fats, they will have a much stronger odor too.”

Make sure baby is getting enough breast milk or chemical/fluoride free water, to help past stools. Foods high in water, like fruits, replenish the body and will naturally be easier to pass. Please keep that in mind if you decide to feed your baby cooked foods, like rice, that actually absorb the body’s water.

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Forget about expectations and let it be a learning experience. It will be messy, many parents find a naked baby is easiest to clean up afterwards.

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