DIY Baby Wipes and Powder – Chemical Free!!


My personal recipe!

16oz of distilled water

1 T. Castile soap or Organic Triclosan/synthetic free soap!

Few drops Organic Lavendar essential oil

1 T. Coconut oil

Shake it all up in a glass recycled juice container, use it liberally over chlorine free paper towels. 
My personal recipe!

Organic Arrowroot powder and a few drops of Organic lavender essential oil! That’s it! 😮🙂


Recommendations on Baby Essentials 

This is my list of simple baby essentials to consider! 

Teething support recommendations 

Baltic Amber necklaces are made with hard tree resin. The active ingredient is release by body heat and has a similar anti-inflammatory effect like aspirin. Not all Amber necklaces are made the same, many range in strength. Many sold online are fakes (plastic made to look like amber) or are polished, lessening its potency. Look for authentic raw Baltic Amber. This article below is one to read if your considering purchasing an amber necklace. Amber necklace can be used for children and adults, making them great gifts. This article suggest a company called Hazelaid, which I highly recommend. This article even gives you a 10 percent discount!

5 mistake when buying Amber necklaces(coupon code in article)

I order this particular one, which 100% works.

Gum-Omile Oil is a topical oil you rub on babies gums. It contains clove oil for natural numbing effects and white willow bark which is nature’s aspirin that has anti inflammatory effects. Alcohol-free!

The obvious, having at hand a few teething toys, I particularly like the ones that are shaped like toothbrushes. 

Stroller recommendations 

When it came time to consider the purchase of a stroller we were very hesitant in such a large purchase and commitment. We had no idea what we needed or even where to start. We were graced with a used stroller from friends until we found what it was we were looking for. Unknowingly we landed what we think was the perfect stroller, the Kolcraft Contours Option 3. It had so many unique features that are hard to come by with a reasonable price. 

Once it came time to upgrade to a newer model we decided with the Baby Trend Manta Snap Gear Jogger. Which had all the same awesome features like the bassinet and dual positions as the Kolcraft does but half the weight and a lot slimmer in size. I highly recommend jogging strollers, they are versatile and can deal with every terrain that I have put them through. 

 Baby travel bassinet 

For those of us saying away from big and bulking bassinets with all the electronic feature these bassinets are perfect. I was very keen on finding something small for our tiny house yet portable with a easy on the wallet price. 

Tiny Love 3 in 1 rocker napper was the first bassinet we received as a gift. We enjoyed this napper, even though it wasn’t foldable it was easy enough to travel with. We used it from 0-10 months, till our son could no longer lay in sleep position. 

Once our little one grew out of his first bassinet we upgraded to a sleeker model by BabyBjorn Balance rocker. I highly recommend this rocker at any age!

Baby Carrier

When I first started looking into baby carrier I selected the Moby baby wrap though for a lot of moms it work for them, I only used it as support for my growing belly once baby arrived all that fabric was too hot and too much. So I opted for a soft structure carrier, after much research I chosed the Lillebaby 6 Position Complete All Seasons Carrier

Creating Your Birth Kit

When preparing for a home delivery, your birth kit is essential. You want to start gathering your supplies sooner then later. You can deliver a healthy baby sooner then the expected 9 months mark. You need to be prepared, have the piece of mind of having a kit ready. During long  hiking trips or long periods away from home I had all my supplies in a small bin with me in the car. Keep in mind labor isn’t like the movies so don’t fret just be actively prepared. 

I gather my stuff from various places I will include hyperlinks to guide you as I go down the list. 

Birth kit supplies-

Must haves!!

Disposable chux underpad 30×30 (Get at Least 10. You be needing a few of these during and after birth.)

4×4 Sterile Gauze Pads (I would get a box at least a good amount on hand for possible tears that need attention.)

Note: With my son I tore quite a bit, three nice size gashes. They weren’t big enough that I felt I needed any stitches, I choose to heal naturally since at the time I didn’t think of buying a local anesthetic so that wasn’t going to happen. I used gauze soaked in the mother of my organic DIY healing cream (check pervious post). I kept everything clean using peroxide, sitz baths, and wet with healing oils. The cuts healed in 10 days. Make sure you have your mother cream ready to go!

Mother DIY Healing cream

(2) Peri bottles (One for peroxide for any wounds and the other for a sitz baths to cleanse yourself after labor, when you change your pads, or use the restroom.)

(2) Bed sheet protectors (For before and after birth, I made the mistake of not buying any and using a normal mattress protector intended for children. Don’t underestimate the amount of fluids come with labor.)

Organic Sitz bath Herbs (For soaking to help the healing process)

Food grade peroxide (I would suggest buying a concentrated version and diluting it to 3% yourself. You may need quite a bit, plus it’s good to have handy.)

Flex straws (trust me, go to the dollar store and get a box.)

Bulb syringe (To clear the airways after delivery)

Any type of disposable underwear (I would get 2 just for after birth, then you can switch to pads.)

Overnight pads (Cvs sells heavy overnight pads as well, you’ll need 1 1/2 – 2 weeks worth of pads. Postpartum bleeding is heavy. ) 

Surgical kit

Exam gloves (buy 4)

Gloves for suture set (buy set of 1)

Suture set with some sort pain reliever 

Scalpel with a few blades of it doesn’t come in your suture kit or new clean razor blades ( For cuting the cord or opening the sack.)

Cord tape

Cord string ( Any cotton string will do)

Optional-Tape measure

Optional- Weight scale (average baby weight is 6lbs)

Optional- Postpartum teas

Newborn needs-

Newborn hat ( get 2)

Newborn outfit (Long sleeves and pants)

Newborn socks

Receiving blanket (get at least 2, for during and after delivery)

Warm blanket

Muslin Swaddle blankets (great breastfeeding blankets later on)

Optional- Foot print

Optional-Certification live birth (we made our own How to… coming soon)

Box of zip locks ( 1 to hold your placenta and a few for organization) 

Note- Organization is important to be able to find what you need. Ziplocks and labeling is key.

Plastic bin to store everything (travel size preferably)

Towels (use your own or buy disposable ones

Paper towel (for cleanup)

Garbage bags (for clean up)

Cold pack (I used hard food ice packs for my back during labor. You may want to get something a little more fancy for comfort, this looks cool because it alternates cold/hot!)

Hot pack (Trust me, your back and boobs will thank me later)


 I recommend Babyganics when it comes to disposables. 

Cloth diapers- We used Thirsties cover, snaps, with cloth prefolds, and a Wet bag. (Everything birth also offers cloth diapering options, though I did not purchase their products). 

If you don’t have access to laundry at home please get a min of 20 cloths and 3 covers, I would get that many either way. Get different sizes they grow fast!!!

Nurtured family is offering free wet bag with $110 purchase. Check out their sale/promotions see if it’s still valid and what their offering at the time. 

If your interested in a soft structure baby carrier they sell all kinds including the one I use and recommend Lillebaby 360 all season

All content found on the this Website, including: text, images, audio, or other formats were created for informational purposes only. I’m not a medical professional, please consult a trusted midwife of any concerns, do not attempt to give birth on your own if you have any serious medical conditions. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it. Please use discernment when it comes to your health and your child’s. 

DIY Baby Wipes

To continue my DIY series for baby and you…

This is my personal DIY All Purpose Baby wipes recipe.


  • 16oz of Distilled water
  • 1 tablespoons of Dr. Bronners pure liquid Castile soap or Soapnut liquid.
  • 2 tablespoons of Organic cold pressed virgin Coconut oil (melted)
  • 3 drops Organic Lavender oil (caution using other oils or excess amount)

All scents are optional! I personally enjoy the scents. In public I leave the jar open for a bit after a diaper change to clear the air, if you know what I mean.

Other things you’ll need.

  • Roll of thick paper towel (I like the texturized ones for wipes- I believe I lasted used viva brand)
  • Container (I use old containers of coconut oil)

This 16 oz recipe makes enough to soak the whole roll of paper towel. Which is technical two batches.
How to make:

  1. Mix all you ingredients together in a separate container. I use an old 16oz juice bottle so I can store whatever I don’t use for later. Cut your paper towel in half with a knife down the center.
  2. Once you have two halves. Remove the inner cardboard.
  3. Stuff your roll of paper towel into your container of choice, then pour 8oz of you liquid.  (Each half is one batch of wipes. I happen to have two old coconut oil containers so I make both batches at once. If you choose to make one batch this time around store the other half in a ziplock and use only 8oz of your liquid combination and store the rest.)
  4. Let it soak for a few minutes, you can add more distilled water if they still seem dry after it absorbs the liquid.

DIY Baby Cream


DIY Balm-Lotion-Cream for you and baby.

Making things for yourself can seem tough and time-consuming but in this era knowing the integrity of the products being put on or in yourself and our families will always out way the cons. The corporations behind products in the market today sacrifice safety and quality for a higher profit. I’ve also seen companies put out a seemly “healthy and organic” product, then once they develop an audience they change the ingredients behind the guise of “same great product, new and improved look” all while introducing an undesirable ingredients. The only way to know what goes into our bodies is by making it ourselves the way its was before the industrial uprise as much as possible.



So I put together a few things I make for my family that is easy to do yourself.


Baby Balm (Good enough for the whole family!)

This cream/lotion/balm has been an absolute miracle for my family. I use it on a daily basis as a lotion and diaper cream for the little one. I’ve used it on bites, capped nipples, dry skin and I even melted it, soak it in gauze and used it to heal an open wound. It’s just plain incredible. All the ingredient you should be able to find in your kitchen, order it online or go to any health food store.

This cream uses Organic, Raw, Gluten free Natural Herbs, plant oils and is 100% safe. Safe enough to eat, so its great for breastfeeding Mommies.

I created the balm with infused oil from different types of herbs in the beginning of the process. By all means you can skip that step and have a basic cream with no extracts in it. I personal infused the oils first so that this cream will be more of a medicine then just a moisturizer.



Step 1

Herbal Infused Oil Base


You will need-

  • A medium to large jar (I use an old 2 lb honey jar)
  • 1-2 oz of each herb you want to include (List Below)
  • Organic-Gluten free-Cold Press-Extra Virgin Oil **Avoid oils with soy, canola (rapeseed),or any type of vegetable oil ** ( I use a combination of Coconut Oil that still contents lauric acid and Olive oil.)


“Almost 50% of the fatty acids in coconut oil is the 12-carbon Lauric Acid. When coconut oil is enzymatically digested, it also forms a monoglyceride called monolaurin. Both lauric acid and monolaurin can kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi.”



I make a cold-infusion to keep the integrity of the healing properties of the oil and herbs intact. Check out this link for more info!


  1. Fill the jar with Coconut oil. You can put a good amount of Olive oil as well to benefit from its healing qualities, I did about a 4:1 ratio.
  2. Fill the jar with 1-2 tablespoons of each of the 7 herbs. The amount of each herb will correlate with how many different herbs you wish to put. The less types you put in the more of each you’ll need to use. I filled the jar to a little less than half the jar, you can place more for a stronger brew. Make sure all the herb are fully submerged, place by a sunny window.
  3. Let it sit for 2-3 weeks (I waited about a full month).


The herbs I use (below) in my cream I also used for my Sitz Bath and make a healing tea for myself. I bought about 2-3 oz of each herb below. Get it dried or you can dried them yourself before adding them to oil.

Other Herbs you can use-

  • Shepherds purse
  • Uva Ursi
  • Calendula Flower
  • Chamomile
  • Bayberry
  • Ginger

Step 2

Making the Infusion into cream

You will need

  • Jar with a lid for your finished lotion
  • Non-metal spoon
  • Cheesecloth
  • Pot for boiling water
  • Your Infusion or your plain oil from earlier
  • Organic Raw Cocoa Butter


  • blogcream-5.jpg

I use Cocoa Butter because I find the consistency a lot better than shea butter with leaves a more sticky after feel. You can also make white chocolate deserts with the leftovers. 🙂


  1. Strain your infusion with a cheesecloth into a container and put to the side. (I leave a bit of oil still in the jar and refill the jar with fresh oil and top off with more herbs each time I drain it for a new batch of cream or start fresh each time)
  2. Take your jar and add an equal or less amount (compared to the infusion) of cocoa butter and melt it in boiling water.  I use about a 2:1 ratio sometimes even less cocoa of a more creamier effect.
  3. Once Cocoa Butter is fully melted, remove from boiling water, then add in Infusion (or plain oil if you decide not to do an infusion).
  4. Place the jar back into the boiling water and stir the contents inside the jar for 15-20 seconds then remove from water to cool. (I find skipping this step causes a noticeable separation between the oil and butter when in solid form, flash heating helps it blend together with out killing the beneficial properties.)
  5. Place the jar with its lid into fridge for further cooling till solid.



This cream is a base cream. I also take this finish cream and add essential oils (like spearmint or peppermint for sore muscles) or spices (like turmeric, cinnamon or cayenne pepper).

Next Up:  DIY Baby Wipes