DIY Baby Wipes and Powder – Chemical Free!!


My personal recipe!

16oz of distilled water

1 T. Castile soap or Organic Triclosan/synthetic free soap!

Few drops Organic Lavendar essential oil

1 T. Coconut oil

Shake it all up in a glass recycled juice container, use it liberally over chlorine free paper towels. 
My personal recipe!

Organic Arrowroot powder and a few drops of Organic lavender essential oil! That’s it! 😮🙂

Vaccines and what you should know. 

Please research vaccines, any medications or over the counter medicines that have potential side effects thoroughly before applying them to you or your children. 

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Aluminum in Vaccines Linked to Brain Inflammation 

Please read:

CDC Study Shows that Vaccines Cause Food Allergies 
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Breastfeeding in the First Week: 4 Things You Will Be Glad You Knew

“Having a new baby is one of the biggest changes you will encounter in your lifetime. It is hard to imagine just how dramatically your life will change. You will be learning to breastfeed at the same time as you are recovering from birth and reorganizing your relationship with your partner.”

“While breastfeeding may be “natural” it does take some time to learn. Many women have never been around someone who is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding their own baby will be their very first experience. We want to tell you 4 important things that will make the first week of breastfeeding easier for you.”

Breastfeeding in the First Week: 4 Things You Will Be Glad You Knew