Hushahu of the Yawanawa people


Shaman of the Yawanawa people

(Pajé do povo Yawanawá)

Beautiful message shared by a Medicine women (Healer/ Shaman/Curandera) from the tribe Yawanawa in Acre, Brasil. Shares her wisdom, love and her life purpose, to leave behind a pure and safe place for her children to live in as times change and modern living takes a toll on Mother Earth.

This is a call to all peoples, especially women to find their inner strength to walk in alignment for a better way of living, with compassion and consciousness for all walks of life, so they may be a better future for our families. One with a healthy planet, our Mother Earth, the sleeping giant that provides us everything to sustain all life and more.

To do this each person must start with changing themselves, to become the walking example of integrity.

Sadhguru’s Advice to Parents


This is a very insightful compilation of videos of spiritual adviser Sadhguru sharing his thoughts on positive, spiritual parenting.



“Do not try to mold the child, to mold means there is a set shape to what they must become.”

How to raise a child.

Raising yourself before you raise your kids.

The Role of a Parent.

How do you handle Teenagers?

Make parenting a Joyful process!